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What is SGT-151 Powder?

SGT-151 (CUMYL-PEGACLONE) is a gamma-carboline based synthetic cannabinoid designer drug. Acting upon the Cannabinoid receptors, SGT-151 has similar effects if not better than any other analogous including STS-135. SGT-151 is a relatively new cannabimimetic agent, which has already proved popular with researchers.Buy SGT-151 Powder

How to buy SGT-151 Powder?

However It is A new cannabinoid designer drug, a new legal formula and a strong effect of action makes it for today out of competition an excellent commodity and a chemical gaining great popularity.5f-SGT-151. Buy 5F-SGT-151.

5F-SGT- 151 is designed for research and forensic applications. This chemical preparation 5F -SGT-151 is a designer drug with pronounced physiological and psychoactive effects and has the molecular formula C22H26FN3O.5F-SGT-151 for sale online.

Side effects from 5F-SGT- 151 are unknown. Synthetic cannabinoids 5F-SGT-151, can show a high affinity for the peripheral receptors of cannabinoid CB1 and CB2.5F- SGT-151 for sale online.Buy SGT-151 Powder

5F-SGT-151 is a new synthetic cannabinoid chemical that is not subject to laboratory research controls in most EU countries/regions. It is also called 5F-CUMYL-PeGaCLONE. Purchase the highest purity 5F-SGT-151 and become one of the first scientists to study this new chemical as part of your lab’s cannabinoid research plan.

5F-SGT-151 is not programmed in most countries/regions in the world, so it is legal in most countries/regions. However, in some countries/regions, it may be regarded as an analog of illegal substances, so it may be illegal in countries/regions with strict similar laws (such as the United States).Buy SGT-151 Powder

Please note: The effect of this chemical on CB1 receptors in vitro is very high, even higher than that of 5F-ADB. From a regulatory perspective, the key element of the 5F-SGT-151 molecule is that the ring and bridge have been merged into the same substructure. This ensures that you get rid of the general controls used in certain EU countries.

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